Sunday, November 22, 2009

Alex's T-shirt quilt

Last night I took Tom and PK out the quilt that I made for them out of their son Alex's t-shirts. They were very very thankful to have it, and I felt good about being able to make it for them. I pieced and bound the quilt and a friend, Christine Nelson quilted it, and she did a terrific job!

I was hestitant to make the quilt when PK first asked me, but my husband Allan told me that if I only do one more quilt this one had to be it. I have told him thank you for convincing me to do it.
Have you ever listened to the song WHY by Rascall Flatts? I'd like you to click on the link and listen to it. From the first time I heard it, this song reminded me of Alex, right down to the reference to the tree in it.
Tom and PK have become very vocal in trying to stop bullying, and I pray that thru their efforts they are able to save at least one child. Every one in my family wears a brown bracelet in memory of Alex and on it is the words, Hear It, See It, Stop It. It's good advice and I hope you take it to heart and do just what the words say. Do it for Alex, do it for all the people that need you to help them.
Be nice, it matters....
(remember if you want to see more detail in the pictures just click on them...)

Monday, November 16, 2009

More From the Weekend Crop...

Perfect Time For Scrapbooking!

Deer Season weekend! After loading up the truck with the boys (Allan and Rick) and food and what seemed like everything they owned, I headed to my scrapping room! There was a fantastic online crop going on over at It's Spraptacular with some fantastic challenges! Here are my finished layouts for the weekend, and even a little make n take from a recyled package!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Fix My Boy

You ever have those pictures that when you look at, you are transported right back to that time and place. Boy, that was the way it was with the pictures of Rick in the hospital getting his tubes put in his ears! I could just see us getting up early, early in the morning because the surgeries are done by age with the youngest first. It was cold that morning and Rick wasn't really scared but he was very quiet on the way there. He did a very good job of being a brave boy and I think Allan and I were probably way more worried about him being upset than we needed to be. I think I'm STILL more worried than I need to be about him 15 years later!

Friday, November 6, 2009


Last week I did an online crop over at ScrapBookDeals4U and had a great time getting to know the gals over there and cropping along with them. One of the challenges was called Spooky Nights and called for using darker colors on the lo, along with a BW picture and a bright accent color. I had just run across this family picture a few weeks ago, so right away it jumped into my mind. (now picture that!)

This picture had to have been taken in 1957 and as far as I know it is one of only two pictures with all of my parents children in it. Having been so young, I of course didn't remember this picture being taken but I for sure remembered those curtains! They were still hanging in my parents living room when I was a teenager! It was a big day when we got the new "fiberglass" curtains. (anybody remember those babies?)

I titled the LO "Then" and I plan on doing a "Now" companion LO to go along with it.

BTW, "I'm" the cute toddler in this picture!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Yet another online crop!

Oh my goodness! Another online crop coming up and this one is at Scraptacular, and isn't that just a very kewl name!