Friday, April 6, 2012

A Sampling of what I've been scrapping

As a last child at home I spent alot of time by myself but I never really felt lonely.  I had lots to do living on a small farm, and I loved going out to the barn or walking back in the pastures to check on the beef cattle.  I also spent alot of time reading.  There were no bookstores or Walmarts back then (and certainly no Kindles!) to purchase books at.  I remember it was a real treat to go into Ben Franklins and browse the books, and even more of a treat when I got to actually take one home!  I read these books over and over again, and to this day the sight of them brings back memories of where all I read them-my bedroom, out in the lawn chair, in the barn even in the car with my cat!

What I used to create this layout was from Work In Progress.  Trish just packed the April kit full of goodies and so many diecuts!  I loved it!  I did this layout at a crop sponsored to raise money for our local Habitat for Humanity, Char did a wonderful organizing and running the event.  And thanks to my cropping friend Ruth for giving each one of us that cute little journaling tag she had made on her Silhouette. I also want to give Nuts About Sketches the credit for the inspiration with another great sketch and also to tell you this was what I contributed for the reveal of #206.

Look how young Rick looks!  This was back when Rick was Ricky to everyone!
I created this layout for Friday Focus at Cookin' Up Creations.  This month each challenge (Tuesday thru Sunday) features a sketch.  I found one for us to use on Pencil Lines #265 and I wanted the challenge to focus on circles! 

Speaking of Cookin' Up Creations it's the beginning of a new month and a great time to jump on board doing some challenges there.  If you finish and share at least 15 challenges you are entered into a drawing for a great prize at the end of the month.  How kewl is that!  Not only getting projects and layouts done but a possible prize to be sent to you!  Maybe I'll see YOU there!

March's challenges at Cookin' Up Creations were all based on the board game Clue.  I had fun figuring out just what my challenge would be that I would throw out there.  I ran across these pictures with my husband playing with his new toy and so my challenge was to include either a picture or an embellishment using one of the weapons used in the game.  (and if you wonder if those diecuts came from WIP the answer is yes they did!)

Dot & Whimsey was generous enough to donate some of their product to the challenge team to use for April, so I will reveal to you on next week's blog what I came up with.  (I received the purple product and right away my husband had a suggestion what to do with it, and I agreed with him!)

Until next week......Beck

But wait there's more!  Call now!  No, not really don't call now, but yes there is more!  I wanted to let you know about the wonderful Whisper Graphic give away they are having on their blog.  Just go to their blog and find out how you can get FIVE entries in for one fantastic prize!  One prize but it's got lots to it!