Sunday, June 20, 2010

There IS life after graduation!

I have to admit that yes, I did enjoy graduation and I did shed many tears, but we all knew that was going to happen! Graduation may be over but not in my heart as I'm now scrapping some of the pictures that were taken for the event...
The first one was for a challenge @ Scrap Book Deals 4 U. It's for the Camp Rock Challenge. The requirements were that there had to be a picture of myself, and a nickname on it and also use a favorite color and a not so favorite color. Mine was titled Mammy and I hung it for display on the quilt that I made for Rick for his open house. I included on it: At graduation I kept thinking about when we brought you home from the hospital. I remember being so surprised that they left me and dad in charge of taking care of you! I thought it was a huge responsibility and it scared me. Then I turned around and there you were walking across that stage and receiving your diploma! How had this happened and where did the years go? Then I began thinking that I hoped that Dad and I had fulfilled our responsibility and not only take n care of you but instilled in you the things that we felt were important in life! I also smiled and hoped that I will always be Mammy to you!
The second lo was also a challenge but a sketch challenge designed by , I loved it! This one my husband did the journaling on and it reads: Rick, this hug is just as special as the
first time I held you. Someday you will
know how proud I am of you and all
that you have accomplished. You are
truly my bud. I look forward to the
next phase of your life and I’m sure that
you’ll make us all proud then as you
have now…Love Dad
He's also going to sign it once he gets around to it!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

It's been a busy, busy house around here, but in a week and half all the excitement will be gone and then clean up time! But that is then and this is now and now is EXCITING! Last night was class night for the Seniors and yes of course I cried! Tomorrow is STATE Track for individuals that Rick has qualified to run in and then Sunday is graduation! Sigh....where did the years go?

I've been busy making table decorations and picture boards...I think I kinda' over done it on the boards, I have five of them...I really didn't mean to but I just had so many pictures I wanted people to see of Rick's life! I made one for Life, Sports, Family, Friends and School. But I am done with them! Now moving on to actually figuring out how much pulled pork does one need to feed a hundred people?

Some cropping fun!

Attention all you Scrappers or wanna be Scrappers! SBD4U is offering up what looks like a very fun summer crop! I invite you to check it out and if it looks like something you'd enjoy playing along with I hope you join me!
If you do, please say Rebecca In MI sent you! Thanks!