Friday, January 22, 2010

A Good Day 2 B Rick

Well friends, it's been way too long since I've wandered over here to my blog, things have just kept getting in the way of moniter bonking out, then computer problems. Computer problems that "I" caused myself! I'm always telling people to be careful what they click on and then genius me clicks yes (I still can't believe I did this!) to the question of "Would you like to run the scan?". My computer was overtaken, even my virus protection!

But I do have to say that some of my busyness wasn't all bad (oh, I forgot to add to the above list the downstairs bathroom/bedroom flooding while we were gone...). Christmas was good and we've been attending alot of sporting events for Angel and Rick.

Rick has been wrestling for 3 years and has improved greatly! The layout that I did of his last Saturdays acomplishment says it all.... (and maybe someday I'll get a straight lo picture taken!)
This was for a recipe challenge at Willow Traders. Two pattern papers, 4 pictures and three embellishments. (I love the star paper behind my star!)