Friday, April 30, 2010


Namesake....Ever since I started scrapbooking I've thought about doing a layout explaining where our son Rick's name came from...The time was this week for two reasons. I'm participating in the THAW (Three A Week) challenge at Willow Traders, and I'm working on getting pictures around for Rick's graduation open house. The challenge called for pictures at least 20 years old and both of these pictures are from the 1950's. The papers are from the wonderful club Transparent Touches & Tags, I love it!

"It's Really Happening....isn't it?" is what is going thru my mind alot these days...It just doesn't seem possible and yet here are the announcements that we ordered, and soon they will be addressed and mailed out. There's just no stopping time and that is just the way it should be. I felt this way when my oldest son Rusty graduated and I know I'll feel this way when the next two graduate also...

And the layout entitled Steve? My son's name is Rick and the dog is Sweetie and yet the layout is titled Steve? Steve was Rick's imaginary friend back when he was about the age that he is in the picture. As the journaling will tell you Steve went everywhere with us! Finally one day we were on a vacation in the UP and I said, "Oh look! Steve's dad is behind us and he wants Steve!". My husband stopped the truck, I opened the door, Rick said goodbye to Steve and that was the last we ever heard anything from/about Steve... Thinking back on this now, I'm not sure that was the best way to handle Steve but it seemed to work...
This was was also for the THAW challenge on WT and was to use a sketch from Nuts About Sketches.

Friday, April 9, 2010

I do love to scrapbook!
I'm still scrapping pictures from when my 18 year old boy was just a little one....These pictures bring back so many memories. He's such a different person from who he was then, that it's almost like he is two people.
The top picture shows him last year as a Junior when he and his friends used to go to a friends house for lunch every day and raid his fridge! These boys have been friends since they were about five, and I hope they continue the friendship into their adulthood.
The bottom picture is of the same boy when he was younger....he was my constant companion and sometimes it's hard for me to understand that he's really created his own life now.
The paper and embellies from both of these pages came from my favorite kit club It is a kit but you can use the paper and embellies anyway you like and every lo from the kit can and will look different from anyone elses....