Sunday, October 18, 2009


Let me get to the duh..... first and then I'll tell you about the inspiration for this lo!

I had seen lots of very cute lo's using Martha Stewarts Drippy Goo punch, and knew that if I purchased it, I could use it several times. We don't have a Michaels or any store close by that might carry it so when we needed to deliver parts for our small business to a cherry canning shop, I jumped at the chance to be the one to do it. I knew there was a Michaels on the way! I stopped but you know where this story is going, they didn't have it. I scoured over the punches they did have and the icicle one, and I thought well I could always use this on Christmas cards, snow layouts and it kinda' looks like drippy icecream.

I came home, made this layout for Willow Traders THAW challenge. Now if you would take a really close look at my layout you'll see that it's NOT icicles!

Did you look? Did you see my mistake? My husband took one look at it and said that's cute (he's says all my lo's are cute even when they aren't!) but why do you have an upside down skyline on it? Banging my head against the palm of my hand.............


This lo was inspired by the THAW challenge over at Willow Traders that we were to use the colors of our favorite dessert. I got so hungry for my favorite dessert thinking about it, that I decided just to bake one up and do the lo not only of the colors but of the dessert! (another specfic of the challenge was to use lower case letters for the title)


  1. You're cracking me up! I love it!

  2. Well... it DOES make a cool icing border!!!!! So you repurposed your tools -- great job!

  3. That was just too funny to read!!! I didn't notice that they were buildings until after I read about it.... but now that I know, I see them! Your page makes me hungry for desert nonetheless!!

  4. LOL....

    I didn't notice either,....but, really,'s hard to notice much beyond that chocolate concotion in the photos! Yum. :)

    I keep wanting the Apron Lace punch and it's never in stock so I pick up something else,...well, now, I have two upper crest punches,, I can totally relate to buying the wrong thing on the fly.....

  5. looks YUMMY!! That was a fun challenge- good story too :)