Saturday, October 24, 2009

National Nut Day....

Did you even know there was such a day? (I was wondering how you could pick one when so many of my days are nutty days....)

For one of the October THAW challenges at Willow Traders we were to do a lo celebrating it. (I do believe the origin of the day was meant to celebrate acutal nuts ie:pecans, cashews, etc. but what fun would that be?) The super hero pictures I took of Rick (and posted here) came to my mind right away. I grabbed up papers and embellies that came from TTT Rough and Tough and I thought they were perfect for this! Thickers were x-tra. I made the journaling out of a transparency which is one of my favorite things to do.

One thing tho, that I'm wondering is that old saying about the nut doesn't fall very far from the tree....oh wait! That was apple so I have nothing to worry about!


  1. I love these pictures!! Could NOT be more appropriate for NUT day! I love how you scrapped them - great joB!

  2. What a great job on that layout! The photos of Rick in his superhero duds are just too funny.

    Someday his children are going to get a big kick out of this!!!!!

  3. :))) Totally made me smile this morning! LOVE what you did with the TTT kit!

  4. I love that layout, Rebecca! I just posted this comment on Barb's blog, but it fits yours, too! (I didn't realize until now that it was for a 'nuts' layout! LOL!)

    Anyway, here's what I wrote... I did a layout once of all the crazy pics my family has taken. And I had this quote that said, "It is a curious thought, but it is only when you see people looking ridiculous, that you realize how much you love them" - Agatha Christie. Loved it and thought that it was great for a layout like yours!!

  5. love love this layout the pictures are hysterial!perfect person for this challenge it looks like!love the design of it!