Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Open House went great!

I think we had around 150 people? Judging by how many plates we went thru and how many people I think came after the food was gone. Angel did a great job greeting everyone and the weather turned out to be beautiful. (I was a bit worried that morning that it was too chilly but eh...turned out great!)
Everyone really enjoyed looking at all the picture boards that I had created for the occasion.

Angel had a bonfire later that night with friends and they burned them! (I tried not to look......LOL!)

I made her this quilt out of the Yellow Brick Road Pattern, and my friend Christine Nelson quilted it for me. Has a nice wool batting and feels so soft! You can see the "My Girl" layout in it's shadow box frame sitting in front of the quilt, (and yes she did love it!).

Since Angel graduated she got her hair cut in this shorter sassy cut, does'nt it suit her? The picture on the cake was taken the night of graduation out in our front yard and with her longer hair. Quite a contrast!

Last year Rick's Open house was all orange and black for the school colors, this year Angel's was purple for her class colors. In 3 years my youngest graduates (and my oldest will be 38) and I've already told him his colors are going to be red, white and blue. I told him for Freedom. He replied back, "Whose? Yours or Mine?". My reply back was, "Mine!"!
But I did think the purple colors really went well with Angel and after all it all matched her quilt quit nicely!

To my daughter Angel: Good Luck Hon! And many blessings! Love you from the bottom of my heart!


  1. You have been busy Beck!! I'm glad it all went well. I can't believe she burned the photo boards though. yikes!

  2. The quilt is beautiful and the photo board display was impressive. A job well done!

  3. You AMAZE me with all you get done in a day! Absolutely STUNNING as usual Beck! Bravo!

  4. Wow, that's a LOT of work you put into all of that. You did a phenomenal job too! I can't believe she burned the photo boards!! I guess it's her way of saying goodbye to school days. I wouldn't be able to watch it either. I laughed at your comment about making the next party red, white, and blue for freedom - yours. LOL You're so funny! You certainly put a lot into these graduation parties. They are very blessed to have a mom who gives so much! TFS :)