Friday, March 16, 2012

Guest Blogger

I was thrilled to be the guest Blogger @ Inspired to Scrap's Blog last week!  I would really like it if you could check out what I had to share about this layout by clicking on their link!

Have you ever scrapped the same picture more than once?  I have done it a few times and when I ran across this picture, I KNEW I would be scrapping it more than once.  This layout features a photo of Rick and Brandon that I had previously used but couldn't resist using again:

Journaling:  I bet when you look at this picture you see two
little boys playing pretend.  As Rick and Brandon's
mom I see much much more...Besides the fact
that I see two brothers pretending  to be
rabbits in their closet I see:
Pokemon pillowcase and stuffed animal
The Big Tiger that Rusty won at Harvest Festival
The tape on the wall from when we painted.  (!)
Spiderman Slippers!
The brown Pup Pillowcase that had been Renee's
When I look at Brandon's eyes I see that he must
have had a cold.
I see two boys that I loved and continue to love
very very much.....
Love mom
Picture 2001
Scrapped 2012

 This past weekend Allan and I had the joy of traveling a few hours south to visit our new grandson!  Rob and Annie's sweet baby boy! (and of course Ruth, who just had us in stitches and you'll be seeing some of her in the weeks to come!)

The following layout was done for a "Clue" Challenge at Cookin' Up Creations.  Linda challenged us to scrap a life changing experience and I scrapped the 3K race that I competed in:

I can't think of a better word for how
I felt when when I was the first
of about 30 to cross that 5K finish line!
It was my first and I had just wanted to
do it in an hour.  I actually had just
planned on walking most of it, but when
I got going I couldn't help but slowly run.
I felt so good!  I finished just under 40
minutes.  It was a first of an annual
5K put on by Shannon Wellihan raising
money for Cleft Palate Babies in Oct. 2010.
It was just a year before this that I could
hardly walk half a mile without being
exhausted.  Elation baby!  Elation!

My husband Allan has always been pretty good about getting me pictures of what he is doing so I can scrap them along with the ones that I take.  Since he's gotten his Iphone it's become even easier to get the pictures:
The inspiration for the "Livin' The High Life" was a sketch from Nuts about Sketches #204.

The last layout I'll share this week was really a fun one!  At Christmas time I fell in love with this silly Red Bird Decoration.  My Granddaughter likes playing Angry Birds and so we called this one the Happy Bird.  I liked throwing sun flowers around it for the birds to land on the table to eat and I snapped a picture of them.  As soon as I saw the picture on the computer screen after I uploaded it, The Mothership came to mind:


  1. Rebecca, I love your layouts!! Especially the one of your new grandson. Seems like us grandmas can't scrap them enough.

  2. You pour so much of your heart in your stories and journaling... that's one of the reasons I love your work! There's always so much more to see... as your first page says.

  3. I love all these!!! The one about the boys in the closet is so touching....yep...we see more than meets the eye, and those days fly by so fast!!! And that new grand, when I get some grandkids I'm going to lose my ever lovin' scrap happy mind. :) Beautiful work!

  4. Awesome work! Lots of detail in each one and the journaling, ahhh, the journaling, love it!

  5. Congrats!! And look at all those layouts! Great JOb!!!

  6. So many great layouts to look at! I love the journaling! Thanks for sharing them!

  7. You have been busy this week -- so many wonderful layouts! I'm always amazed at how many photos you take and scrap of your family's daily life. They will treasure all those memories that you record for them.

  8. I always enjoy your work Rebecca! Thanks for your inspiration!
    I have something for you on my blog- come on over!