Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Floyd was my dad, and he was a very quiet man so I never really knew alot about him. I would say from the perfect attendance record that I found that he believed in if you do something do it with all your might. I know that my dad was a hard worker, while I was growing up he was gone all during the week working on construction jobs only coming home on the weekends. The weekends were always filled with working for him also, tending the small beef cattle farm that we had, putting up and harvesting crops for them to eat, both the cattle and the family. One of the pictures shows dad fishing as a young man, and I do know that the man LOVED to fish! In the early spring when the ice had begun to go out around the edge of the lake he would put planks out over the open water so he could still get out on the ice to fish for pan fish. I do think that river fishing was his favorite tho, bringing home those wonderful rainbow and brown trouts. My favorite picture here is the one of him having the drink, I sure would like to sit down and share with him today.........


  1. Love the old documents and pictures!

  2. what a wonderful page documenting such precious photos and documents... i love it!

  3. What a cool page and great journaling!