Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Is it hot out or what?

My word, it's hot and from what I understand this is only the first day of what appears to be a whole week of them! I don't think I'll venture out much this week other than to walk as early as I can haul myself out of bed and to the grocery store.

Every Sunday Sketch Inspiration offers up a new sketch. I had been getting the new sketch in my e-mail for about a year but never really took much notice. I was missing out! This week's sketch will be the fourth in a row that I've completed from there and I welcome you to check them out! Great sketch and a new and great prize every week! I already had this photo printed out, and I had had the idea in my mind for quite a while so when I saw the sketch it fit what I had in mind so didn't take me long to finish it. You gotta love the papers and embellishments from Scraptastic, don't you? The Fancy Pants line is fun!

It had been my responsibility (!) all school year to feed Ed and Ted (my names for the fish, even tho Rick told me their names were Rick and Steph!) and so when he was gone for the five days for the Electric Rodeo it was just assumed that I would feed them. Which was fine with me. Except that Rick was NOT returning my calls or my texts and Allan and I really wanted to know what was going on with our boy and hear some of his adventures!
So…..I texted him, “Call home or the fish die…..” His dad’s phone rang about a minute later….

DT Kate had Inspired To Scrap shared with a technique that called for cutting your paper into strips, distressing it, wetting it and then wadding it into your fists, and then quickly (let me stress the word quickly!) adhering it to your layout using hot melt glue. So of course I had to try it!

I used pictures of Angel and her Senior Year friend Isabella, that I snagged off from Face Book. I didn't tell her about it, just posted it back onto facebook and she loved it! What 'cha think, is this a technique that you might want to try?

Brandon was sitting out on the dock last week reading. (The boy loves to read and can whip thru a "real" book in a day!) I couldn't resist snapping a picture of him. Oh alright, I did snap quite a few! I didn't see the reflection of him in the pond until I looked at them on the computer. This layout took me all of about 20 minutes to do because the latest papers just fit it so well! (along with the embellishments!) Everything was from the kit except for the Thickers, and those were orginally white, and I just inked them with my trusty cats eye ink pad. (Trish, from WIP, I must say you put together a wonderful kit and you are a super fast shipper!)


  1. You know I love the Ransom one! Just too funny -- and the photo is great. That FP line does look like fun. Also love the way your "paper fabric" strips turned out -- much neater than mine! And you did great things with that WIP kit. That photo with the reflection is amazing.

  2. I love them all. I love the reflection in Brandon's layout. It is so earthy looking!

  3. I love your sense of humor! When I first saw the Ransom page I was like, “What on earth?” then I read the explanation of it and it made perfect sense! lol That’s such a clever idea!

    I didn’t realize at first glance that the strips of paper were strips of paper. They look like ribbon to me. I will definitely be trying that one!

    I really like how you can see Brandon’s reflection in the third page’s photo. Isn’t that great when you get a great shot of someone and then when you look at it on the computer you find out it’s an even better picture than you realized?! Love it when that happens!

    Thank you for the inspiration, Beck! I always look forward to your updates. :)

  4. Great layouts Beck! I especially like the Brandon one.

  5. Nice pages Rebecca! I love the photo by the pond but I have to say that I just cracked up at "Call home or the fish die"!!!! LOL! I love how you incorporate so much humor into your scrapbooking! Nice work!

  6. Oh, Rebecca, love the story you tell on "Ransom"! I do need to try the technique in the next one and I also love the Reflections photo (your layout frames it beautifully).

  7. Love those layouts! Great designs!