Tuesday, July 12, 2011

More Layouts!

When we took a recent short trip to the U.P. (the night that we drove for FIVE hours before we found a vacancy and then it was "The Bates Motel", finding it at 4 a.m.!), the idea for this layout came to mind. Cookin' Up Creations just happen to have a challenge that required a funny picture! How convenient, eh? Sketch Inspiration also posted their weekly sketch challenge and I grabbed it, and paired it with the funny picture and this oh so witty (whatever!) journaling:
What! How could this have happened
to ME! We were sitting in a restaurant
in the U.P. of Michigan, casually
looking the breakfast menu over and I
spotted the age for the SENIOR
DISCOUNT! No! This can’t be right,
funny or not so funny I actually
qualifed for it with my birthday last
year! I’m a Senior Citizen! I do have
to say that other than being stiff after
sitting for awhile I feel better than I
Did years ago! I’m so much more
active and alive! I do have to wear
glasses now for reading, and if I
hadn’t had the darn things on that
morning, I could have stayed NON
Senior for a bit more time! (in case you
are wondering I’m 56!)
to come up with this layout using the June WIP kit.

Small Package Big Fun just makes my heart sing! Look at that smile on Ruth's face. This picture was totally and accident! I would have said she was too close and then there was that huge window there. Ruth was running round saying, "Monster, Monster" (cause her Uncle Rick was the monster!)and I happened to snap this picture! Perfect for a layout that needed a close up and lettering finished with a crimper. (Thanks Char for letting me borrow yours to try one out!)

Who doesn't love a good sketch? The Big Chill (and jumping into Crystal Lake In Northern MI during late October IS a Big Chill!) was based on a sketch by Sandy on Cookin' Up Creations. I thought the snow paper was a pretty good background for this. You ask why are they jumping in the lake if it's so cold? Hmmmm...because it's tradition for the x team after the Benzie Race? I dunno....not for me to do I can tell you that!


  1. Rebecca, I love the humor in your pages! From the photos to the journaling, they all put a smile on my face! :D

  2. I love ALL those layouts! Great job!

  3. Great lo's! I really love the Small Package Big Fun, what an adorable picture!!

  4. I absolutely love your first page! Not only is it a funny picture but the journaling is hilarious!

    Something I really like about your pages is how it's so personal and so YOU! The way you show your sense of humor, your love for your family, how you scrap about the everyday stuff not just the big events... you do such a great job all the way around!