Saturday, September 3, 2011

Little Doe

We had a sweet little visitor come and visit us several times this past month. A little doe! We had heard that our neighbors had one after finding it along side the road after it's mother had been killed by a car, otherwise I assure you, we would never have touched this sweet little thing. We were all just amazed at how tame she was, at one point she tried to climb right into my lap! It was amazing how tiny and delicate she was and showed no fear of us or our dog (who really really wanted to get to her!)

This layout is a sketch from Inspired to Scrap.
I was teasing Allan that he checking for future antlers, although we already knew she was a little doe.

Rick is a hunter thru and thru but his gentle side came out as our little visitor gave him a big kiss! Winchester, our Springer Spaniel, was on one side of the door and the fawn was on the other. The fawn was calm, Winchester was going nuts!

Our daughter Angel was at work after the first night that the fawn had visited and she had really wanted to see her, (who wouldn't!) so the next morning when the fawn appeared out in the front yard I stepped outside and called her and she literally ran into me, coming to me. Allan dragged Angel out of bed to see the fawn, so if she looks half asleep that's because she was! Al

Rick and his girlfriend Stephanie at the first meet and greet!

Little Doe was kind enough to follow me to our flower garden and pose for a picture. (I'm thinking of getting this one enlarged and put it on our wall....)

I hope that she will be able to stay safe and sound out there!


  1. How cute!!! You got some great photos of this unusual encounter and you matched them with the perfect papers :)

  2. wow!!! that is amazing!!! and those layouts are quite lovely!

  3. Those are amazing pictures and such a cutie!! I love all your layouts using the such fun colors and embellishments!

  4. You really showcased those fantastic shots of Little Doe's visits with your layouts. Beautifully done!

  5. What a fun experience! Super good photos and great lo's!!

  6. I popped over to thank you for the sweet words over at the Counterfeit Kit Hop about the wall art and found these amazing photos - can't believe she is so chilled! Great choice of paper and embellies on you layouts too :)