Friday, December 23, 2011

We Believe

I was looking thru past Christmas pictures on my computer, getting really teary eyed that the kids have grown so fast and our Christmas's have evolved through out the years, and I came upon this one. I instantly was taken back to those early Christmas mornings when the kids came bleary eyed out to the living room to see what Santa had left for them. Now that they are older we agree on a time to meet and I make sure we have the traditional Egg Strata baked and ready to be served up.

This was the first (and last time) the boys slept at the bedroom door so they could hear Santa when he came....of course Santa was too sneaky for that!

I created this layout to use as the Saturday Sketch Challenge at Cookin' Up Creations.  You might want to check the challenge out and decide to do your own.  That would be great!


  1. Those are great memories Rebecca and with two growing boys of my own, I can totally relate to the fleeting Christmas magic... I love your stitched circle, it totally makes the page!

  2. Oh I love this! Great layout!! Love that they slept there like that and that you got a photo. So fun!!